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Category: Filtration

Portable XRF Analyser: Meeting new Sulphur limits for marine fuel oil

From January 2020 the maximum allowable Sulphur content of marine fuels is changing: for all areas outside the existing Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECAs) the limit will be reduced from the current level of 3.50% m/m to just 0.50% m/m. The XRF Analyser combines simplicity with accuracy as a result of its ability to spot…
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GFL Series: Low Pressure Tank Top Return Line Filters

The Parker GFL low pressure return line filter is engineered to deliver efficient contamination control and performance in today’s demanding hydraulic circuits. The Parker GFL is designed to maximize capacity and element life while maintaining low pressure drop, even in cold start conditions.  GFL Catalog Applications Deck and Mobile cranes Fire fighting equipment Forwarders  Hydraulic…
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