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Zemarc is your Fluid Power Distributor


Equipment Rentals

Zemarc is offering options for equipment rentals for various applications. Save time, costs and exceed quality expectations with the help of our selection of heavy industrial equipment rental tools & kits.  Contact Us Schedule Appointment Flange Maintenance Tools & Kits Equalizer tools provide a safe, cost effective and simple solution for your flange alignment, flange…
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New from Enerpac

Enerpac is a global market leader in high pressure hydraulic tools, controlled force products and solutions for precise positioning of heavy loads. Schedule an Appointment Contact us New Arrivals E-Pulse Pumps View more info here The new ‘Smart Controls’ for the new E-Pulse Pump enable the motor to maintain constant power and provide higher flow…
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Automation in Cannabis Packaging

Schedule an Appointment Contact Us Packaging is typically incredibly laborious and has a significant risk for human error and waste. Having an efficient packaging system greatly reduces these risks while reducing costs and improving production rates. With many states relaxing their laws and Canada legalizing nationwide, the medical and recreational marijuana market has seen exponential…
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Space Expo 2019 VIP

You are invited to be our VIP! Sign up for a meeting with Brad Belote to receive your complimentary gift pack! VIP Gift Bag Zulu Athletic Hydro-flask Performance T-shirt (Available in sizes S-XL) **We have limited Adidas Performance T-Shirts vs Standard -T-shirts available, so reserve yours ASAP! Aerospace Guidebook Zemarc pen & graph paper notepad 10…
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Parker O-ring Guide

What is an O-ring? An O-ring is used to prevent loss of a fluid or gas. The seal assembly consists of an elastomer O-ring and a glad. An O-ring is a circular cross-section ring molded from rubber, The gland (usually cut into metal or another rigid material) contains and supports the O-ring. The combination of…
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Welcoming Lincoln’s new products to the market

Get Help Now Schedule Appointment New Heavy-Duty Grease Gun Mounting Clamp Introducing Lincoln’s New Heavy-Duty Grease Gun Mounting Clamp for secure, convenient storage. The Grease Gun Mounting Clamp can be mounted on mobile equipment for various applications. This easy to mount clamp is compatible with all grease gun brands using a standard 14 ounce (400…
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Enerpac: New and Upcoming

New SL100 and SL200 Super Lift Hydraulic Gantries Our new super lift hydraulic gantries offer higher lifting capacities and accurate load positioning on a narrow 2 ft (610 mm) track gauge. Designed for safe lifting in confined or limited-access spaces, the new SL gantries are easy to mobilize and demobilize. Learn More New Grip Lock…
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Parker Hybrid Actuation System Cylinders (HAS)

   Tracking actuators for PV and CSP solar panels More efficiency, more production By adding tracking, power generation can be increased upwards of 45% over fixed panel installations. Proven hydraulics used in the harshest environments and offering the smallest footprint over lead screw style actuators is an excellent choice for tracking actuators. Parker’s Hybrid Actuation…
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Enerpac L-G Series Lock Grip Pullers

NEW L-G Series Lock Grip Pullers A simple, safe and cost-effective way to remove shaft-mounted parts. Our new LG-Series Lock Grip Pullers are available in mechanical and hydraulic models to suit your application needs. Extra wide jaws make it easier to mount and securely lock onto the workpiece for added safety and ease of use. The puller’s self-centering…
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