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Zemarc is your Fluid Power Distributor

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Please complete the below and hit submit. Standard terms are NET 30 Days upon approval. For further questions or inquiries, please call our accounting (Accounts Receivable) department in Los Angeles (323)721-5598. Thank you.

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Zemarc Corporation’s standard terms are NET 30 Days upon approval. The undersigned applies for open account credit with ZEMARC CORPORATION and agrees that all sales are made permanent to this application will be subject to the terms and conditions available on http://www.zemarc.com/aboutus. All statements made herein are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I authorize the above company to make any and all inquiries necessary for action on this credit application. We hereby indemnify the above company and its agents from any liability resulting from their credit survey. Should it be necessary at any time to take legal means to collect any monies, I hereby agree to pay the attorney fees.