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Enerpac: New and Upcoming

Enerpac: New and Upcoming

New SL100 and SL200 Super Lift Hydraulic Gantries

Our new super lift hydraulic gantries offer higher lifting capacities and accurate load positioning on a narrow 2 ft (610 mm) track gauge. Designed for safe lifting in confined or limited-access spaces, the new SL gantries are easy to mobilize and demobilize.

New Grip Lock Pullers

A simple, safe and cost-effective way to remove shaft-mounted parts. Our new LG-Series Lock Grip Pullers are available in mechanical and hydraulic models to suit your application needs. Extra wide locking jaws make it easier to mount and securely lock onto the workpiece for added safety and ease of use. The puller’s synchronous closing system allows all jaws to move simultaneously, making it easy for a single operator to mount and pull.

New Electric Tensioning Pumps

The new ZUTP-S Series Pumps feature a pendant-operated solenoid valve, which is ideal for multiple bolt tensioning applications and allows for single-person operation. 

New High-Performance Battery-Powered Pumps

Our new ZC-Series Cordless Pumps combine the performance of an electric pump with the convenience and portability of a battery pump.

Coming Soon: New Cordless Torque Wrench Pump

Our new XC-Series Battery Torque Wrench Pump is ideal for maintenance bolting applications at sites that do not have access to power.

Coming Soon: Hydraulic & Electric Cutters

When you need to make cuts through heavy-duty bar, chain, cable and similar materials, look no further than our new range of cutters.

Custom Product Highlight: Safe Pressing Operations with Safety Guarding

We recently customized an IPE H-Frame press to include guarding with a safety switch on the door, remote operation controller, internal stroke sensor, and a load cell to allow the operator to control the load and stroke within predetermined ranges. The controller automatically checks that the required force was achieved within a certain acceptable stroke, then delivers red/green light feedback to the operator. The press is for production use for an automotive parts manufacturer, pressing valve bodies into a base until seated.

Overstock Sale

Looking to save 25 – 75%? Check out our list of products for sale. Act quickly! Products are available on “first come first serve” basis.

Upcoming Enerpac Academy Training Classes

  • Industrial Tools Service Class, January 15th – 18th & March 12th – 15th
  • Industrial / Bolting Tools Service Class, February 18th – 22nd
  • Industrial Tools Sales Class, February 12th – 14th
  • Industrial / Bolting Tools Sales Class, March 25th – 29th

Upcoming Training Webinars

  • Collet Lok Product Training: Friday, Jan 25th, 2019, 10:00-11:00 AM (CST)

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