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Hydraulic Power Units

Zemarc Custom HPUs

Mobile HPU

Zemarc Custom Mobile HPU

Parker Standard HPUs

D-PAK SERIES – Fixed Displacement (0.9 – 2.7 GPM)
H-PAK SERIES – Fixed Displacement (0.9 – 6.3 GPM)
V-PAK SERIES – Variable Displacement (2.0 – 36.0 GPM)

Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) operate the blade pitch systems with consistency, optimizing the energy output from the turbine and minimizing the loads and vibration on the structure. These space-saving, vertical style HPUs are available with gear or piston pumps for quieter, leak-free operation, protecting pumps from contamination and extending pump life. Standard Parker filtration on each unit helps ensure a long service life.

Parker HPU PAK Series Brochure


  • Vertical structure saves floor space
  • Submerged pump for quiet operation and elimination of potential leak point
  • Spare return ports
  • Precision pump mounting adapters ensure proper alignment and operation
  • Suction strainer on inlet protects pump from contamination
  • Glycerine-filled pressure gauge with shut-off and oil level gauge with
  • thermometer for improved diagnostics
  • Standard safety relief valve to protect pump from system shock
  • Breather/fill cap to control ingression of contaminants


  • Hydraulic oil supply for control systems
  • Hydraulically-actuated valves
  • Boiler dampers
  • Cooling water discharge control
  • Oil handling and transfer equipment
  • Condensate, bled steam, and DA actuators
  • Coal bunker and feed systems