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Zemarc is your Fluid Power Distributor

Baldwin Filter Interchange Tool

Parker: Parfit

Parker Hannifin: Parfit Tool

Hydraulic & Fuel Filtration Division

  • Monitors
  • Detects
  • Alerts
  1. Detection of Abnormal wear/impending system failure
  2. Verification of the oil in use
  3. Monitors Lubricant degradation/ contamination
  4. Optimization of equipment service intervals
  5. Improvement of operational safety
  6. Reduction of risk and maximization of uptime 
  • Supports
  • Improves
  • Fortifies
  1. Off-line and portable
  2. Provide flexibility for removing contaminants from fuel, hydraulic and lubrication fluid
  3. Supports your existing filtration system
  4. Improves and extends the life of your fluid and system components

  • Long Term Defense
  • Long Term Value
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership

  1. Fights costly equipment maintenance
  2. Reduces system downtime
  3. Controls solid contaminants
  4. Protects fluid & system components