M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Pacific)

Celebrating 42 Years in Business

Zemarc is your Fluid Power Distributor

Meet Zeke Zahid, Leader of Zemarc 1976 to 2018 

Zemarc was established in October of 1976 by Zeke Zahid. The Zemarc team surprises Zahid by recognizing him for his commitment and service to all for over 40 years.

Henry Segovia, Hugo Gonzalez, Andy Diaz, Meldrin Sayago, Richard, Dulce, Vanessa Lopez, Sarina Yakub, Lucy Chen, Erin Tsukimoto, Zeke Zahid, Martin Maciel, Maria Medellin, Eileen Lobarbio, Dainty Pelayo, Letty Nunez, Brad Johnson, Kenny Cortez, Hector Andrade, Jim Fortman

Employees with Over 5 Years of Service

Brad Belote, Zeke Zahid, Jannett Andrade

Employees with Over 10 Years of Service

David Ybarra, Zeke Zahid, Annette Hernandez, Cynthia Malkemus

Employees with Over 20 Years of Service

Juan Jurado, Mike Lilig, Tim Pritchard, Zeke Zahid, Audrey Mitchum, Janice Flenor, Bob Recendez

Zahid Family

Christina Jimenez, Zeke Zahid, Irma Zahid

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