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Cross Mfg.

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Cross Manufacturing, Inc. designs and manufactures durable, dependable, American-made hydraulic components that serve the fluid power needs of hard-working equipment around the globe.


Cross 40 Series

  • Available in 6 sizes displacements from .50 to 1.80 cubic inches per revolution
  • Can deliver up to 17.7 GPM
  • Gear tooth design and pressure-balanced loading plates​

Cross 50 Series

  • Available in 7 sizes displacements from 1.52 to 5.20 cubic inches per revolution
  • Can deliver up to 45 gallons per minute 
  • Gear tooth design and pressure-balanced loading plates

Cross 60 Series

  • Maximum of 175 hp
  • Displacement from 4.05 to 9.25 cubic in./rev
  • Offered in 6 sizes with the largest delivering 100 GPM
  • Gear tooth design and pressure-balanced loading plates

Hydraulic Tandem Gear Pump & Motor 53 Series

  • Two sections for operating separate systems with independent flow requirements
  • Cross gear tooth design and pressure-balanced loading plates

Cross 50G Series

  • 5.33:1 planetary gear reduction unit
  • High torque at low speed
  • Gear type motor

Hydraulic Cylinders

Cross 50PGR Series

  • High torque, low-speed unit
  • Peak output of 10,000 in. lbs. and a maximum continuous output torque of 8,000 in. lbs
  • They may be used for many general mechanical speed reduction or increase applications

Cross 50T Series

  • Designed to be driven by a 540 or 1000 RPM PTO
  • Provide a 3:1 speed increase

Tie Rod Cylinder DB Series

  • Induction hardened 
  • Chrome plated 
  • Skived burnished precision finished

Tie Rod Depth Control Series DC

  • Infinitely variable 
  • Adjustment from zero to maximum stroke
  • Long life and reliable operation

Tie Rod Cylinder DU & DE Series

  • Depth-control collar
  • threaded rod extension

Tie Rod Cylinder DCR & DR Series

  • Internal bypass for synchronizing rephasing cylinders in a series circuit
  • 0 to 8″ stroke
  • Hardened chrome plated rods resist damage and rust

Tie Rod Cylinder DH Series

  • 3000 psi working pressure
  • Designed for tough applications
  • Upgraded castings and heavy duty seals assure peak performance and a long and dependable service life

Welded Cylinder NU Series

  • Standard cylinder comparable to NW series but available only in specific strokes and always clevis mounted—no options offered.
  • Heavy duty 3000 psi model with piston u-cups also available.

Welded Cylinder NW Series

  • 2500 psi working psi
  • O-ring seals with polyurethane backup on piston
  • Double lipped u-cup on rod
  • Steel base clevis mounting and ductile rod end clevis.

Hydraulic Valves

Welded Cylinder UT Series

  • 3000 psi working psi
  • Externally capped, positive-locked head
  • Polyurethane u-cups with double lipped seal on rod

Sensing Tie Rod Cylinder PDB Series

  • Non-Contact and Absolute Measurement
  • Output Options: Analog: Voltage, Current
  • Digital: J1939, CANopen – PWM
  • Sensor Voltage Supply: 12/24 VDC

Directional Valves

  • Optimum versatility
  • Balanced spools are select-fit
  • Load holding checks
  • Parallel flow path permits

Depth Control Valves

  • High Strength Ductile Iron Casting
  • Precision ground chrome-plated spools
  • Wiper Seals
  • Buna-N Seals
  • Spring dampened spool and check valve

Selector and Flow Control Valves

  • Single and double selector valves
  • Designed for hydrostatic drive systems

Flow Control Valve-AFD Series

Operating Range: 0-3,000 (207 bar)

  • SAE & 0-2,500 (172 bar) NPT
  • Maximum Flow: 8-25 GPM (30-95 LPM)
  • Ports: In-line with 1/4″ mounting holes
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs. (3.8kg)
  • Finish: Black
  • Optional Relief: 1,500 PSI (107 bar) & 750-3,000 adjustable

Flow Divider Valves


  • Proportional flow divider for use as anti-spin out Valve for hydrostatic transmission.
  • 5000 psi, up to 50 GPM.
  • Bias pressure compensated

Relief Valves

  • Dual differential type relief valves
  • Adjustable relief valves
  • Pilot operated relief valves

Custom Products

Cross offers custom built air and hydraulic fittings, manifolds and ports to fit your applications and needs. Cross also manufactures a large range of custom hydraulic cylinders for a wide diversity of applications and markets. 


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