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In response to increasing requests for connectivity to additional PLCs, Delta took advantage of the emerging fieldbus technology and developed a motion controller specifically designed to talk to any PLC or host system, the RMC100. Delta’s engineers designed the RMC to “look” like a PLC over the bus, and provided a unique Step Table whereby time-critical sequences could be offloaded into the RMC. It soon became common to hear customers boast that, with the RMC, they were able to complete projects in days that would have taken weeks with other motion controllers.



Motion Controllers


  • Base module 
    Consists of the CPU module and the Axis module and is factory-configured. 
    Each factory-installed Axis module is available with one or two control axis interfaces.
  • Up to 4 Expansion modules may be added to the RMC70, including digital I/O, analog reference and pressure or force inputs


  • Connect. supports many sensors and communications protocols
  • Control. autotuning, motion profiles, hydraulic-specific parameters, user programs
  • Optimize. excellent plotting features and advanced algorithms to fine-tune any system


  • High Analog Resolution

    Increased analog input and output resolution of 18 bits.

  • Control Loop Times

    Lower control loop times, down to 250 μsec, for more axes

  • Negative correction factor for load cells
  • More feedback filter types


RMC100 motion controllers contain a full set of parameters for servo control of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, including:

  • Proportional, Differential, and Integral (PID) gains with provision for different gains depending on direction of travel (important for fluid power applications)
  • Velocity and Acceleration Feed-forward. (Velocity Feed-forward auto-tuning takes the math out of the rod-end cylinder gain calculations)

Legacy Products

Delta is committed to providing long-term support for all of its products. Delta’s policy is to not obsolete any products as long as there is demand and component parts are available to build these products. (Delta carries a substantial stock of components to mitigate this risk.)

  • MMC120: Two axis linear motion controller for use with the Schneider Quantum Series PLC.
  • TMC188/40: Plugs into the Siemens Simatic 505 Series PLC
  • MMC188/4x: Plugs into the Schneider Modicon 800 Series PLC
  • VMC186/40: Plugs into VMEbus, including VMEbus-based PLCs
  • MC186/40: Delta’s oldest motion controller, plugs into Multibus 

Motion SoftWare

RMCTools is a powerful motion control software package for setting up, tuning, troubleshooting, programming and controlling all features of Delta’s RMC70RMC150, and RMC200 motion controllers.

RMCTools offers high-speed communications to the RMC75E, RMC150E, and RMC200 via USB or Ethernet and to the RMC75S and RMC75P via RS-232 serial.

RMCTools is available for download.


  • Full Parameter Set
    Monitor all axis status registers and modify parameters.
  • Plots
    Plot any register in the RMC, up to 16 registers per plot, sampled down to the control loop resolution!
  • Curve Tool
    Graphically create custom motion profiles and cam profiles.

For more details and info, watch the training video below.


  • Recognize up to fifteen different color objects with one sensor.
  • Superior color detection on a wide range of materials—even difficult textures.
  • Teaching with eight readings per color provides for permissible color variations.


  • Compact, self-contained unit is just 6 X 5.7 X 1.3″
  • Low power requirement of 24VDC @ 100 mA.
  • Patented, solid-state lighting system provides more than 11 years, or approximately 100,000 hours of service, and eliminates the expense and downtime associated with changing light bulbs.


Voltage to Current Converters


  • One dual-color LED per channel indicates input polarity and amplitude
  • One red LED per channel indicates output saturation (open circuit or excessive load resistance)
  • Outputs protected against inductive voltage spikes and short circuit


  • Two channels of voltage-to-current conversion
  • Full scale output current switch-selectable from ±10mA to ±100mA in 10mA steps (each channel is set independently)
  • Inputs and outputs can be paralleled for output current up to ±200mA


The VC2100-HS voltage-to-current converter is a high-speed version of the VC2100. The 3dB frequency is 15 kHz compared to 1.4 kHz for the VC2100. This enables signal conversion for an expanded range of applications, including motion control and functional performance testing

Single Converters


  • Connect multiple motion controllers to one encoder for gearing applications
  • RS422 differential transceivers for high noise immunity
  • Selectable termination on RS422 input-high impedance or 220 ohm


  • Get high MDT position resolution by using multiple recirculations within the transducer
  • RS422 differential transceiver for high noise immunity (220 Ohm input Z)
  • Converts PWM transducer outputs to start/stop signals for motion controllers


  • Permits magnetostrictive displacement transducers to be placed up to 1000 feet from controller
  • RS422 signals for high noise immunity
  • Requires +15V power supply

Cables and Connectors

Specialty Products

Step and Touch Instrument

The Step and Touch (SNT) instrument monitors and alarms “Step and Touch” potential caused by ground potential rise. When used properly, the SNT can enhance the safety of transmission line crews

The SNT Kit contains everything you need to monitor step and touch potential:

  • SNT instrument
  • user guide
  • carrying case
  • battery charging adapters
  • ground rod
  • magnetic and clamp probe end



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