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Headquartered in West Sacramento, CA. Heco is a manufacturer of planetary speed reducers.  Heco has been manufacturing planetary speed reducers for worldwide markets since 1974.  Heco serves a broad spectrum of industries including primary metals, food processing, petroleum, agriculture, aerospace, marine, fishing, material handling and mobile equipment. 


Swing Drives

Logging Equipment

Agricultural Equipment
Aerial Ladder Trucks

Conveyor Drives

Carwash Conveyors

Food Processing Conveyors
Stacker Conveyors
Industrial Conveyors
Live Bed Trailers

Lift Drives

Winch Drives

Refuse Chain Hoists
Refuse Roll-Off Hoists
Marine Cranes

Machine Drives

Roll Forming Machines
Steel Coil Winder
Tub Grinder Machines
Whole Tree Chippers
Dredging Head Drives
Snow Blower Drive

Drilling Drives

Hole Augers
Directional Drills
Tunnel Boring Machines
Mining Drill Heads
Oil Drill Pipe Spinner

Wheel Drives

Aircraft Tugs
Railway Equipment
Scissor Lifts
Boom Lifts
Agricultural Equipment
Mining Trams

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