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Zemarc is your Fluid Power Distributor

Zemarc Corporation is a lubricating systems specialist. We assemble, test, and install high quality engineered lubrication components and systems. We offer solutions for all types of lubrication issues including manual greasing, single point/ multi-point automatic grease, oil systems, and fluid handling applications.

We can help reduce costs and increase production by streamlining and automating lubrication on your equipment. We are experts in the field and our staff has decades of experience solving lubrication related problems. Contact us today to find out how your company can start saving money and increasing profits.

Brands We Represent

SKF Products & Systems

Lincoln SKF
Automatic Lubrication Systems
Heavy Duty Pumps
General Lubrication Equipment
Quicklub QLS 401
Grease Guns
Control Valves & Meters
Bulk Fluid Packages
Industrial Lubrication Fittings
Aerospace Fittings
Fluid Management Systems
Fluid Handling Equipment
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
Compressed Air Components
Single Point Lubricators
Lubrication Accessories
Oil-Mist Systems

Other Products & Systems


Applications & Industries

  • Food & Beverage
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Machine Tools
  • Construction
  • Railroads
  • Wind Energy
  • Packaging
  • Mining


Automated Lubrication

Single-line, dual line, progressive and other systems designed to protect valuable production equipment and machinery.

General Lubrication

Grease Guns, pumps for oil and grease, diaphragm pumps, transfer equipment and a complete line of accessories.

Grease Fittings & Accessories

The very best lube fittings for every application and all the accessories you need to complete your system installation. We have the couplers, adapters, extensions, fittings, filler pumps, wheel bearing packers– everything