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MICO® Disc Brakes include both caliper disc brakes and multiple disc brakes. The caliper disc brakes are available in sliding caliper or fixed caliper type with spring apply, hydraulic apply, or mechanical apply models. They are ideal for providing emergency braking, primary braking, or secondary braking. Our multiple disc brakes are totally enclosed spring or hydraulic apply hydraulic release brakes. Because of their design, these brakes reduce maintenance and down time by preventing external contaminants from entering the brake.

Caliper Disk Brakes


  • Floating Design Brake
  • Mechanical lever and cam system applies and releases these brakes
  • Uses a 5/16 to ½ inch thick rotor disc of 6 inch diameter or larger
  • Ideal for secondary, emergency, and industrial applications


  •  3 ½ inch diameter opposing pistons
  • Large surface area linings can be replaced without separating housing halves
  • Standard ½ inch thick spacer can be replaced to allow for desired rotor disc thickness with diameters of 12 to 36 inch


  • Floating design brake
  • Modulated hydraulic pressure applies and releases this brake
  • Usually used as a parking and/or emergency brake

Multilpe Disk Brakes


  • Low release pressures- ideal for use with closed loop hydrostatic systems
  • Rugged heavy duty construction with torques to 1017 N.m (9000 lb.in)
  • Heat treated 8620 steel shafts for high strength and long life
  • Unique balanced piston design 


  • Provides direct mounting of brake to wheel 
  • Wet design with patented pressure override option
  • Metallic linings
  • Designed for standard SAE hydraulic motor inputs


  • More retarding torque than competitive models
  • Numerous mounting configurations available
  • Low release pressures, ideal for use with closed-loop hydrostatic systems
  • Rugged heavy-duty construction
  • Heat treated 8620 steel shafts for high strength and long life
  • Compact modular package simplifies mounting
  • Unique balanced piston design

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