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Over the last 50 years, STAUFF has become a leading supplier of accessories in the hydraulics industry.

From the beginning, STAUFF has focused on market requirements, offering high-quality products in conjunction with outstanding service.

STAUFF is tuned in to the needs of the global market and this, together with the benefit of an experienced and highly motivated team of employees and the use of innovative technology, enables the company to offer a sophisticated product range which will satisfy the requirements of each and every customer worldwide.


Product Catalogs


STAUFF Clamps symbolise quick and easy as well as secure installation of pipes, tubes, hoses, cables and other flexible and rigid components with outside diameters up to 1016 mm / 40.00 inch.


Tube Connectors

he STAUFF Connect product group is closely aligned with the market requirements and contains an extensive range of tube connectors made of carbon steel for metric tubes with outer diameters ranging from 4 to 42 mm in accordance with ISO 8434-1 / DIN 2353:

· 24° cutting ring fittings
· 24° taper fittings with O-ring
· 24° weld cones with O-ring
· 37° flared tube fittings

Assembly Tools

Automated assembly machinery and hardened, wearresistant tools enable the reliable assembly of tube connectors – both for series production in the workshop and on-site.


STAUFF SAE Flanges are used as a reliable alternative in applications where of the use of regular tube fittings is not permitted or technically not possible due to the required operating pressure, the size or the limited mounting space.

Hose Connectors

The ECOVOS system of hose connectors enables crimping of many different hose types with only one hose insert profile, which results in an immense reduction of endless product varieties.

MULTIVOS is the name of the range of high-pressure hose connectors which offers customers the opportunity to use two types of hoses (R15 and 4SH) with only one hose insert profile.

POWERVOS is especially designed and constructed using high-performance materials to withstand high impulses. The hose connectors are suitable for use with hose types 4SH/AS and R15/AS.

Quick Release Couplings

STAUFF couplings have proven their value for many years in practical use in hydraulic systems. The excellent quality of the couplings is the result of continual product improvement in which the experiences of users have been taken into consideration, as well.


With the STAUFF Valves product range, the companies of STAUFF Group provide access to a comprehensive range of manually operated valves for shutting off, regulating, throttling and fluid media in mobile and industrial hydraulics

Test Couplings, Adaptors and Hoses

Test couplings from the STAUFF Test product range are already planned in suitable positions in the hydraulic system during the design phase of a machine, or added at a later stage in the course of retrofitting or upgrading.


With measuring, testing, display and analysis devices and equipment from the STAUFF Diagtronics product range, system operators, maintenance personnel and repair technicians can determine and monitor the essential parameters in mobile and industrial hydraulics: operating pressure, maximum pressure, differential pressure, system temperature, volume flow, contamination and much more.

Filtration Technology

The STAUFF Filtration Technology product range contains an extensive product range in the areas of filtration and purification of oils and other media, which fully meets – or even exceeds – the requirements of modern service and maintenance of machines and equipment.

Hydraulic Accessories

The consistently developed and enhanced STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories product range contains of well thought-out and sophisticated components suited to meet or exceed the increasing requirements of designing and building tanks, reservoirs, power packs and gear boxes for industrial and mobile hydraulic applications.

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