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RSD Long Beach Dragon Boat Race

Zemarc is your Fluid Power Distributor

The Riverside Surging Dragons were at it again representing Zemarc last weekend coming in 1st and 2nd place, finishing 4th place overall (0.3 seconds difference between 3rd and 4th place). The race was held at Marine Stadium at Mother’s Beach in Long Beach. “Our times were better in Tempe, AZ because the marina is fresh water. Our strokes are designed for fresh water paddling” says Becky C. (front rower in Boat II). Rowing in salt water vs. fresh water this time around, RSD felt somewhat of a disadvantage; however, they prove to be the team worth cheering for.

Race 1 Heat 3
1st – Riverside Surging Dragons (2:21.615)
2nd – LARD Red (2:25.878)
3rd – KP DragonFit (2:38.543)

Race 1 Heat 10
1st – Cal Dragonboat A (2:11.339)
2nd – Riverside Surging Dragons (2:12.915)
3rd – Killer Guppies (2:23.592)

Final’s Race
1st – UCSD Boat White (2:11.289)
2nd – UCI Elements Thunder (2:13.921)
3rd – Cal Dragonboat A (2:14.149)
4th – Riverside Surging Dragons Boat I (2:14.469)

RSD continues to practice as a full team on both days every weekend and has a total of 3-4 days of practice overall every week. This is preparation for the upcoming 2018 Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival on July 28-29. Best of luck to the Riverside Surging Dragons!

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